Who we are


Baimond – is a proud brand of extraordinary clothing. We are a small team of creative graphic designers who love their job and traveling. We get inspiration from our trips, from what we saw, from people we met, we search for extraordinary in the ordinary to create our design. We make quality clothing for every day wearing. It doesn’t matter where you wear it, in the office, during your trip, it is always comfortable and shows your original style. Firmshirt is a brand for people who like to live outside their comfort zone, always on the move, always in action.


How we work


All our clothes are made exclusively in Ukraine in small batches, so we have the opportunity to control its quality at every stage of creation, from the curves to the prints. We are first and foremost designers, so we want our clothes not only to reflect certain ideas, but also to be interesting and aesthetically pleasing. So that people who choose our clothes feel that we are doing something not only qualitative, not only meaningful, but also contextual and aesthetically pleasing.

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